Improving their growth with shared ideas?

Finally, today, my mother and me have transplanted the vegetables into a bigger pot, yeah, we have put the garden in order pretty late this year, but well, now it’s done!

I started to grow them in middle June not sure, during my exams period (procrastination), we only have four types right now, paprikas, tomatoes, pumpkins and “spruitjes” (the little rounded hearts of the vegetable we known as brussels sprouts. I try them for the very first time when I was living in the Netherlands and I think they are like the fish in Spain, any-child wants them for dinner)

I have had a weird day actually, I spent the rest of the morning in my room, watching random videos in Youtube, and I found one made by SoulPancake which really made me think about a real situation we are living, each day it becomes worse, and it’s related with the anecdote I told you before. In the video, at the bottom of this page, some children talk about the hungry in the world, and they realized that 1/5 children in the United States lives under the proper diet conditions. It is really normal to hear “I don’t want to eat this” or “it doesn’t look well” referring to food, and yes, I am the first saying “why all the things in the supermarket have lactose!” or removing the cheese of the rest of the food. The thing I want to transmit is that “we have devalued the value” of the food as if it were a bunch of old clothes, or stones, in a really dehumanized way.

Now, I think I’m lucky to be born in this age, in the age we are all connected and, in the age, almost everything is possible. We have discovered how to grow plants in already-prepared jellies, how to cultivate fruits in greenhouses in the north of Europe with temperatures under -20ºC, how to reach the 70% percentage, which is the amount of food we throw away in the “first-developed world”, which really embarrasses me.

The main point is that well, we are the designers of the XXI century, I would ask all you, designers or not, to stop thinking the design is a synonym of “luxury”, luxury understand as fashion, refinement or social power. We have to do our labor, improving the experiences of the people, resolving problems the society as and helping each other; most of the cases won’t cost us money, just a bit of time, those five minutes under the water in the shower, or the ten minutes we spend thinking about random things before falling asleep. I aim you to share your proposals, talk with your friends and make the problem visible, educate our kids in a world which sadly is not fair nowadays. Think about the solutions we could provide to our age, I am already thinking in mines. BH.

PS: SoulPancake, thanks A LOT for the community you have created with your videos, I wrote your names Nick, Zach and all of you in my HERO list of the age. Congratulations for your work.

And yes, the pictures below are the plants, I would be glad to invite you and everybody to have a “strange vegetable combination salad” one day.

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