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I am going to write this little post because yesterday night happened something really awkward to me. Guillermo, Lara and I were in a bar having some drinks and talking about “how the life has been going these months”, because we have not seen each other for a long time and, well, a man invaded “our space” and took me out of the place my friends and I were. Then, this man started to speak about my life, the places I have been living in and the things I like to do in my free time (and other comments NSFW)… yes, that was creepy.

On one hand I understand I have a “social-insta-life”, which is close to my real life, but still, it is not. All of us try to show our best side in this kind of social nets, and that is a fact. I realized how we have incorporated this media to out daily life, till the point we can not fence both “realities” in different groups and, I really like it, I am proud of the pictures I have uploaded these years, the people I have met and the amount of talents, places, I have known. But, on the other hand, I wonder where is the education and the dignity. My parents adviced me when I was 12 – “be careful with the things you post in Internet” – and I really do, I do not even say swear words over here, despite sometimes I would really love to do it but, browsing the Internet it is amazing the amount of girls, boys, and older people post degrading content. It would be nice if everybody could defend themselves, but I am talking about children who are 8-15 years old, posting pictures in front of the mirror in their bathrooms, and I think it is not necessary to speak about the kind of pictures I am talking about.

The parents have a lack of information or the children have a lack of education? Ok, I am 25, I am around 173 tall… but think about the younger generations at the moment somebody is taking them out of their group of friends as it happened to me yesterday.

However, it is a problem of communication between the “Internet life and the real life”. And it could be solved really easy.

By the way, if you want to have a look, check my Instagram! 

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