Getting ready for Blog'15 Teselas


Today has been my first exhibition assembly day! The pieces were ready on Monday, but due to my unexpected holidays this week I delayed the work in the show room.
Thanks to my highly regarded partner in crime Asparagus for supporting me this week.
We have been relaxed this morning, testing the objects and assigning them to the different walls and spaces in the room has been fast. The only mishap has appeared testing Barnacles, in which one of the light sensors gave us an error. It is like the Murphy’s law “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.


Luckily it was only one of fifteen units, and we have detected the broken circuit really fast so, on Monday I am going to carry a bunch of receptors “just in case”. Finally they provided me the entire room, which is perfect because the management of the lights is going to be easier than if the space was shared. So well, I have three days left to finish everything! see you there!

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