Girl Scout by Aurora Sujić (photo shoot)

I had an amazing evening with the mexican fashion designer Aurora Sujić and the belgian model Olivia Becu today. We were doing a photo shoot of the Aurora’s new collection, and I have to admit she is really, like: REALLY, original. I just love her creative mind.

The place we have chosen is the Madrid Business Center, close to Plaza de Castilla. We thought this place would be perfect to make a contrast with the outfit because, on one hand we have this “Scout” appearance, which comes from the forest and tradition, mixed with the kitsch elements, as the badges or the fabric print itself (David Klein creation); on the other hand we have the metallic lines, the clean shapes of the environment. We also were afraid because of the light, but finally it has been there for the entire sesion 🙂 , it’s not really easy to find a spot in Madrid with natural light at 09:00PM… we rent this LEDs screens but finally they were not necessary at all. Also, it was pretty easy to work with them both, also thank you so much Karla Cisneros to help us, I’m extremely grateful to you girls, it is really pleasant to work with professionals and, if those professionals have sense of humor the work is waaaay better.

So yes, now I’m looking forward for the next collections, if you are interested also, you can follow her work in Aurora’s Instagram.

PS: oh! I almost forget. Do you know this fabric the cyclist use to be seen in the darkness? Decathon uses it all the time, even in the bottles of water, well, the entire shorts have been made using this material, the result, something really attractive. You have the pictures above this text, looks like silver right? Check out the hair and lips of Olivia too; Aurora created a glitter mix, also with some kind of gel, to make this shiny material. As I said: incredible. Congratulations.

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