Diana is a compact, elegant, durable book. It picks up the basic subject of biology in deluxe edition with an innovative, simple and schematic graphic that brings the reader a breath of fresh air when it comes to expanding their knowledge.

The content has been respected in its entirety as the structure of the teaching programs. At the end of each topic we also find a summary of everything addressed in each section.

Diana is based on the power of infographics to transmit information. The iconic power of the forms also helps to retain and understand the concepts that are brought to us.

The binding is a gift. In the purest traditional style, this book collects its pages in a double binding. The first one, American or of milled pages, collects in block the whole lot. The second, Japanese, more elegant and elaborate, adds an ancestral texture to a contemporary book.

The quality of the paper, 180 grams of striated paper in bone color, offers a pleasant texture and resistance that most books do not offer us. The book has been printed with an emerald direct ink, saving costs in the printing process.

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