I think this week I have returned to the year when I was 7. Do you know this freaky children, in the american TV shows having a wooden house in the tree? The experience in my childhood was kinda similar, in the sense of having your own place in the garden, a super mansion of one square meter made with the bricks which somebody left in an old construction. Taking care of the garden under a 40ºC sun melted my brain: now I am into breeding snails, I do not really know why, because I do not like the taste when they are cooked, but it is interesting seeing the way they grow, apart from that, these last days I have learnt a lot of them, like, wanting to know more about the animals living in my garden, and it is really interesting really, spend a day alone, just looking in between the weeds, paying attention to all the movements inside… I miss this when I live in Madrid for the academic year.

Some species can live more than 25 years, meaning somewhere in the planet there are snails older than me; then, they love the orange peel, but they are going to die if they try sugar or salt… an element they hate is the copper, I could guess that it is due to the chemical reaction between the water in the slime and the metal:

2Cu +H2O -> Cu2O +H2

For some reason they prefer to avoid the copper wires in the garden (good option if you want to encircle them).

Others species are source of inspiration for artists like Stefan Siverud. Check this work in his own webpage:

Stefan Siverud site

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