When some parameters become beauty

This week I enrolled a workshop of the School of Architecture of my university. Different representatives of the Architecture in Spain have talked about the situation in Spain, at the same time they have explained other ways of teaching in universities as Talca in Chile or different organism in The Netherlands.

The talk was initiated by Yago Becerra, teacher of the university, followed by Susana Moreno, the teacher who visited the university in Chile. I found this one really interesting, having in mind the magnitude of the final projects done by the students over there. They literally are architects in their final project, analyzing the space; they also talk with the people around about the necessities they have and how can they improve the life quality. Finally, they evaluate the costs and they “ask” the different suppliers if they want to contribute with some money. An example of professionalism.

Then was the turn of Salvador Pérez Arroyo, the architect who has done important constructions in Madrid like the Faro de Moncloa, for example.

My favorite part arrived around 3:45PM, when Adolfo Nadal introduced the next workshop.

He is the one responsible of teaching in subjects in which Arduino or 3D are necessaries, and now I know why. He spent the next hours teaching a Rhinoceros pluging called Grasshopper. I can remember some hours of learning I had when I was in my second year, but: I had totally forgotten about it.

Now, with some basic knowledges, I am able to think about other projects I wanted to do, and now I know how. So, yes, today has been a complete day, full of inspiration and attitude to develop new languages in future creations.

See you next time!

**Both images posted here are my personal product of these hours in the course.

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