Clean design with a combination of elements that could remind us of the first large speakers launched on the market a century ago. Chiro was created with the commission to experiment with the sound and reflectivity of different materials, although it ended up evolving into a closed project that could well remind us of the first Klipsch Speakers. Although all the sound simulations were originally done by computer, the design soon came to life. Digital equalization came to life in the most traditional and analog way possible, looking for materials that could simulate the altered frequencies produced by the software.

The loudspeaker body acts as its own resonance box, so no additional power is required to amplify the sound. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the majority of the sound waves are only allowed to go through two of its six faces thanks to an internal acoustic insulation system, composed of mineral wool and a semi-rigid acoustic panels. The screens are attached to the body by a pressure system. Once installed, and depending on the material we have chosen, we will enjoy one sound equalization or another, from the driest to the most creative sounds.