The Hikvision Channel Partner Program is open for companies such as: resellers, system integrators and installers. From all around the world they work together with Hikvision offering products and solutions.

Various publications were designed to announce the wide range of possibilities. The released materials used both printed and digital channels. A standard batch consists of one or two print publications, and a package of digital material: headers, banners, buttons, illustrations and mockups of the applications. One of the most important tasks of these assignments was to fully understand the possibilities of the technologies that were used – facial recognition, artificial intelligence, motion capture sensors, among others – to be able to give precise answers to future buyers.

Maintaining visual coherence in online material has been essential due to the rapid dissemination of it. Even identities that could be similar in typography and color, had a particular treatment in their design, which kept them differentiated from the other brands.

How to explain complex concepts in an easy and intuitive way?


As a designer, one of the missions in these publications was to shape what Hikvision calls “architectures”. Architectures are the hidden structures behind programs and systems in relation to the company itself, the consumer, and the relationships between the different actors. I used isometric representation to explain it, as it is quite easy to find elements of this kind in image banks. Although the adaptation of the material helped speeding up the work, many of the peripherals had to be drawn from scratch.

To finish with this section, we must locate ourselves on well-known sales platforms. Amazon is one of the portals used by these partners to get their products directly to the consumer. Hikvision helps these partners with their design teams by organizing and creating the images that will be used to showcase the possibilities and products on offer. The challenge in these images is to show information quickly and in a simple way, without leaving behind the important product values ​​and technical specifications that can help the consumer decide to buy this item.